Why is Kundali Analysis by Date of Birth Important?

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A Janam kundali depicts the position of the nine planets in astrology at the time of the birth. It gives an insight into any individual’s past birth and how the current birth will affect a native’s nature and personality. Kundali analysis by date of birth is important because there are 12 houses in a birth chart and each house represents a particular event in the native’s life. Kundali tells a lot about our past life and our karmas that are going to reflect in our present life. So, it is important to know the correct date of birth to avoid any errors while making the Kundali.

Expert astrologers perform a reading of the position of the twelve houses and nine planets to give a reading about an individual life journey. It will help to understand the place of the celestial bodies at the time of birth. A kundali analysis can thus freshen up your present events and will guide you on the path of success.

How useful is Kundali?

Date of birth and time of birth are the two important aspects of an individual life. Kundali analysis by date of birth helps to make important decisions regarding education, the right career path, a compatible life partner, etc. During the tough phases of life, remedies are recommended based on the date of birth. In astrology, no two Kundalis can be the same. Thus, it is important to know the right details to ensure accuracy while determining the obstacles, challenges, success, and careers in our journey. It can guide you through the various aspects of life and give a brief idea about the future.

Benefits of Kundali Analysis by Date of Birth

  1. It gives a clear picture of an individual’s future events in life and the growth and challenges related to it and help in self-discovery. Our positive and negative thoughts can create or destroy our path to success therefore, our date of birth will help to better understand the futuristic events so that we can act accordingly in favour of the planetary positions.
  2. Kundali analysis acts as compatibility criteria during marriage fixing to estimate the chances of success in married life. In this, the seventh house is deeply analyzed as it is the house of marriage. It tells about the long-term partnership between two souls and highlights their conflicts in a relationship. It can therefore help to build a strong foundation for the couples.
  3. Certain planets are meant to harm an individual’s health. In astrology, our date of birth is associated with our health problems. The different doshas and the movement of the sun and the moon can help to identify the preventive measures. It helps to identify the houses in the Kundali that will affect health adversely.
  4. It helps to identify the doshas in your kundali and tell which houses are affected by the malefic planets. The planetary positions affect our thoughts and decision-making skills. Through this analysis, astrologers can suggest remedies that can positively transform life.
  5. It acts as a career and finance guidance. It helps to know the areas of professional success, which career to choose, and where to invest. The combination of planets in Kundali along with the date of birth helps to know about the job challenges, and entrepreneur endeavors in the future.


Kundali analysis by date of birth is done in Vedic astrology to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a person. By knowing the right date of birth different events can be predicted and can help to understand the personality precisely. So, this analysis can provide insight into the various aspects of life.

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