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Shubh Muhurat

In Hinduism, there is a belief that if any work is done after considering an auspicious moment, it brings greater blessings and success. This is why in Hinduism, for all auspicious and significant events such as weddings, housewarming ceremonies, annaprasan (first solid food feeding), mundan (head shaving), karnavedha (ear-piercing), and various pujas or religious rituals, we carefully calculate the auspicious timing i.e, shubh muhurat. Shubh Muhurat is a time that is perfect for a particular activity. By taking into various factors like the movement of the planets and the stars, the suitability, and unsuitability of the moment is determined.

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Beliefs and opinions about shubh muhurat vary among individuals who follow Hinduism. However, the significance of a muhurat in a person’s life depends on their own beliefs and convictions, and whether they choose to follow it. Those who believe in auspicious muhurats understand that these are special times when the planetary and celestial influences align to provide us with positive energy. During such times, starting or performing any task is believed to be obstacle-free and more likely to succeed.

How many muhurats are there in a day?

There are a total of 30 muhurats in one day. It is important to note that muhurats can be both auspicious and inauspicious. While we calculate auspicious muhurats for performing auspicious activities, it is equally important to be aware of any inauspicious muhurats for avoiding new ventures or important tasks.

Names of all the muhurats in a day: Rudra, Aahi, Mitra, Pitru, Vasu, Varaha, Vishwedevas, Vidhi, Satmukhi, Puruhuta, Vahini, Naktanakara, Varun, Aryama, Bhaga, Girisha, Ajapada, Ahir, Budhnya, Pushya, Ashwini, Yam, Agni, Vidhatru, Kand, Aditi, Jeev/Amrit, Vishnu, Yumigadyuti, Brahma, and Samudram.

The Significance of Today’s Auspicious Muhurat / Aaj ka Shubh Muhurat

In Hinduism, muhurat has been considered highly significant since ancient times. Calculating today’s auspicious muhurat involves evaluating the positions of celestial bodies and stars to determine the auspicious moments in a day. In the tradition of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism), it is customary to consult the auspicious muhurat before commencing any auspicious or significant work, and people may wait for months if they do not find an auspicious muhurat for performing a specific auspicious task.

This is because people believe that performing auspicious or manglik (auspicious) tasks during an auspicious muhurat brings prosperity to their lives, and their endeavors are accomplished smoothly and successfully. As mentioned earlier, when we calculate auspicious muhurats and perform new auspicious tasks during those times, we tend to achieve success. However, it’s crucial to note that any mistakes or errors during these muhurats can sometimes lead to adverse consequences.

Therefore, it is essential to consult with a knowledgeable priest or astrologer when determining today’s auspicious muhurat, especially for significant events like weddings, mundan, and housewarming ceremonies. This guidance ensures that you select the most favorable time for initiating new ventures or auspicious activities.

The Relevance and Importance of Shubh Muhurat in Modern Times

As we progress towards modernization, we tend to distance ourselves from our culture and roots. In this context, people who believe in today’s auspicious muhurat are sometimes considered to have a backward mindset. However, no one can deny the past successes of actions performed during auspicious muhurats.

Today’s auspicious muhurat is one of those beliefs that we should hold onto and continue to practice throughout our lives. It is a belief that despite our modernity, we should keep alive and apply to certain aspects of our lives. Many individuals still advise consulting auspicious muhurats for important events and starting new ventures because they believe that following today’s auspicious muhurat can bring happiness, success, and prosperity into our lives.

On the Vedic Astro Kendra’s Aaj Ka Shubh Muhurat page, we provide you with accurate information about auspicious muhurats for each day. This information can help you maximize the benefits of auspicious muhurats in your life.

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