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Online Astrology Consultation

Get All Your Life Problems Resolved Through Just One Call

A no time limit, ask anything, life-changing online astrology consultation call that can help you achieve anything you want in life at just ₹3100/-

The call will be booked after 2-3 days of payment. सभी कॉल, पेमेंट के 2-3 दिन बाद बुक किये जायेंगे।


Accurate Predictions

50,000 +

Happy Customers

Life Solution in Just One Call

Imagine finding the solutions to all your life problems with just one call to the right person. While you make thousands of calls in your lifetime, only a few can truly bring positive change to your challenges. At Vedic Astro Kendra, you can get comprehensive solutions for all your life problems in just one go.


Talking to an astrologer is a good idea when it comes to career advice. Many students get confused and want to know what they should do after exams or about their future job prospects. Consulting an astrologer can help clarify these things.

Love & Relationship

Are you experiencing problems in your relationship despite being in love? Wondering if your horoscopes are compatible? Discover the secrets to a long, successful, and fulfilling relationship through accurate horoscope matching. Get expert counseling today and unlock the potential for a wealthy and long-lasting love life.


Did you know that astrologers can foresee health issues and injuries before they actually happen? It's true! In astrology, the different aspects of our lives are influenced by specific houses and planetary positions. By consulting an astrologer early on, you can identify potential health risks and take preventive measures to avoid them.


Starting a business or making a big decision requires careful consideration. If you want to increase your chances of succeeding in business, it's important to gain accurate insights from astrology. The best way to do this is by consulting a reliable astrologer.


If you're looking for the best horoscope matching for couples, consult a good astrologer. They will provide you with Gun Milan and Mangal Dosha analysis and also assess the compatibility and prosperity of both partners. Let a skilled astrologer help you find the perfect life partner for a happy and fulfilling marriage.


The horoscopes of both partners are analyzed to determine childbirth possibilities and even predict the name of the child in astrology. By examining the 12 houses of the birth chart, astrologers can provide accurate solutions for any birth-related issues parents may face. Consult an astrologer who can provide you with insightful guidance and effective solutions.

Advantages Of Subscribing To Our Online Astrology Consultation Call

  • Direct one-to-one call with an Acharya Pooja (25+ Years Experience Astrologer)
  • Horoscope analysis and predictions
  • Relationship compatibility and horoscope matching
  • Career guidance and future prospects
  • Health predictions and remedies
  • Financial and wealth predictions
  • Education and career guidance
  • Remedies for negative planetary influences
  • Determine auspicious timing for important events
  • Guidance for selecting favorable gemstones and colors

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Imagine finding the solutions to all your life problems with just one call to the right person. While you make thousands of calls in your lifetime, only a few can truly bring positive change to your challenges. At Vedic Astro Kendra, you can get comprehensive solutions for all your life problems in just one go.

Note: For All slots of Consultation Call with Acharya Pooja will be booked after 2-3 days of payment.

सभी कॉल, पेमेंट के 2-3 दिन बाद बुक किये जायेंगे।

Couple Consultation

Acharya Pooja

Marriage Consultation

Acharya Pooja

Business & Job

Acharya Pooja

Single Consultation

Acharya Pooja


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How Our Consultation Call Can Help You ?

Did you know that 92% of our customers have reported positive changes in their lives after availing our astrology consultation calls?  Through our consultation calls, 98% of clients have gained a deeper understanding of their personality traits, while 87% have successfully made informed career decisions. Additionally, 94% of our clients have experienced improved relationships and 78% have witnessed enhanced physical and mental well-being. Don’t miss out on the progressive power of astrology!

Acharya Pooja has been serving customers and we have a one-on-one call with you without any time limit for a cost of ₹3100/-. We already have a client base of over 50,000+ happy and successful clients, that span over 25 years. We have solved all the major or minute life problems related to life, love, success, money, prosperity, fame, travel, jobs, and everything else.

Book your online astrology consultation call today and join the thousands of individuals who have already experienced the positive impact of our services.

Acharya Pooja

Customer Testimonial

Life Changing Stories

The sole purpose behind Vedic Astro Kendra was to take people out of stuck situations, and we feel accomplished when people believe in us and share their life-changing stories.

I know that life is meant to have ups and downs but sometimes life gets really hard. I used to look at others and feel very insecure, I started blaming myself then others. I was at my lowest when I came across vedic astro kendra page. I found the page very genuine in nature and Then found out that anyone can talk to her through call. So, I took call consultation from her. She talked so politely to me and just after talking to her I felt relieved & light. She listened to me as if she was a friend. She suggested some changes and some remedies. Today my life is better than before and I am feeling very positive now as well . I can’t thank Acharya Pooja enough, She just changed my life.

-Sandeep Arora

I started following Astro Vedic Astro Kendra on facebook and I also ordered personalized premium kundli for myself. I got detailed information and I have also been told about the problems that I was facing and will face in the future. To find solutions of the problems I booked online astrology consultation call with Acharya Pooja
And She told me all the remedies in detail that I should do for good luck. I am presently doing the remedies and I am quite satisfied with the positive feeling I have these days. After that I took a consultation call for my husband as well. He also feels confident after doing the solutions that astrologer has given. Thank You so much for guiding us. Please keep showing us the right path.

–Anshu Aggarwal


What if I don't have a specific time and date in mind for the consultation call?

Don’t worry! Our astrology service offers flexible scheduling options. You can discuss your preferred time slots with our customer support team, and they will assist you in finding a suitable appointment.

What if I have to reschedule my consultation call?

We understand that unexpected situations may arise. If you need to reschedule or cancel your consultation call, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance, and we will be happy to accommodate your request

What if I encounter technical difficulties during the consultation call?

We use reliable communication platforms to conduct our consultation calls. However, if you encounter any technical issues, such as poor audio or video quality, please notify our customer support team immediately. We will work swiftly to resolve the problem and ensure a smooth experience for you.

What if I have trouble making the payment for the consultation call?

If you face any issues while making the payment for your consultation call, please reach out to our customer support team. They will assist you in resolving any payment-related problems or provide alternative payment options to ensure a seamless booking process.

What if I have additional questions after the consultation call?

We encourage our customers to ask questions and seek clarity during the consultation call. However, if you have further questions or need additional guidance after the call, you can contact our customer support team, who will be happy to assist you or schedule a follow-up consultation if necessary.

What if I forget my appointment time or miss the consultation call?

We send reminder notifications prior to your scheduled consultation call to help you remember the appointment. However, if you happen to miss the call, please inform us as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances, we will try our best to reschedule the call or provide alternative solutions.