Astrology or Numerology: Which is More Accurate?

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Astrology or Numerology: which one to choose? Have you ever wondered about this? Well, both these practices are dependent on star alignment which decides the personality traits of an individual. In numerology, our date of birth is the key element that decides future scenarios. Whereas in Astrology, other elements like time of birth and location of birth are also considered along with date of birth.

Both numerology and Astrology share a link between them. There are various logics and predictions involved that can assist in dealing with the phases in life. Let’s read about this more and decide which one is better: Astrology or Numerology!

What is Numerology and its Benefits?

Numerology is all dependent upon numbers. So, everything that happens in an individual’s life is associated with numbers and their practical analysis. In numerology, the numbers range from 1 to 9. These numbers are the planets a person is related to and thus decide his/her career, health, finances, etc. Even relationship compatibility can be checked by comparing these numbers.  In numerology, each number is supposed to vibrate differently which attracts the positive and negative effects and thus determines the personality of an individual.

Benefits of Numerology:

  1. It can help to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an individual that can help to determine the personality of a person.
  2. Numerology uses the number of birth dates to reveal a person’s life, career, and various future endeavours.
  3. Numerology helps in improving the relationship with our loved ones and strengthening family ties.
  4. It helps in understanding the purpose of life, career goals, and future investments and deals in business.

What is Astrology and its Benefits?

Astrology is an ancient practice to determine the events of life through the motion of planets. It involves our zodiac signs. It is not just about foreseeing the future but it helps to understand the movement of planets, stars, and other cosmic influences on our lives. Amongst astrology, Vedic astrology is accepted as the most accurate way to determine the future and has been around for centuries. People have received several benefits from the astrological remedies and practices involved in it.

Benefits of Astrology:

  1. It helps in fostering a better relationship with yourself by understanding the birth chart of a person.
  2. It helps to determine a person’s potential and accomplish their goals by prescribing remedies that help them to become successful in life.
  3. Astrology can predict certain events that might happen and thus it allows you to work accordingly.
  4. Astrology suggests solutions that can tackle family issues, relationships, and business problems effectively.

Astrology or Numerology: Which is Better?

Astrology or Numerology has their benefits but numerology is a part of Astrology. Both these practices have been followed by people of different cultures for their prosperity for ages. Both Astrology and Numerology are linked to each other in terms of the movement of the celestial body’s positions and movements about time. In Astrology, birth date, time, and location are considered to predict a better result whereas in numerology numbers are more valued as compared to the other details of an individual. Numerology doesn’t need to have a complete study of Astrology but in some aspects reading the planetary influences like numbers from 0 to 9 are associated with the zodiac sign can predict the reading.

Moreover, Astrology is more accurate than numerology but the positive outcome of both the sciences depends on the trust of a person and how they follow both practices.

Final Words

Well, Astrology or Numerology is a vast topic to discuss. But, as per the current success of astrology-related results, it is recommended as the most accurate way to live peacefully. It controls the destructive consequences on an individual’s life and controls the planet by following several remedies.

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