Which Is the Most Powerful Planet in Astrology?

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To properly analyze the chart, it is important to know the influence of every planet or element in the horoscope. The powerful planet in astrology will affect all the transiting planets. Astrology deals with the motions, energies, and influences of all the factors coming under it. So, it is tricky to claim the strongest planet as each has its effect on the lives of the individual.

Unlike any other factor, stronger planets are determined based on their influence on the natives both positively and negatively. Their unique roles and functions in the individual’s life are a key factor to consider them as stronger or weaker in the horoscope. Through awareness, a positive approach towards the planet’s effects can be modified. But this depends on the discipline and the faith in the process.

Factors Considered Determining the Powerful Planet in Astrology:

In astrology, all nine planets have different phenomena based on which they affect a native’s life. A strong or weak planet is decided based on its direction, effects, natural abilities to combat hurdles and much more. Here are some of the factors based on which a planet is considered the strongest in astrology.

  1.  Based on the Ruling Planet: Planets with strong rulership have a strong influence on the lives of the natives. They come with strong skills such as communication and writing skills. This also means that such planets are well aware of their natural house, their placement, and their influence on other planets.
  2.  Planets in the Angular Houses: 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th and 11th are the most active planets in astrology. Out of these six planets, the one with the angular houses 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th are the most active. Such planets have a strong influence on our lives as they reflect our personality traits, family, relationships, and careers. They are not always strong but might differ due to variations in the chart.
  3.  Planets Closer to the Sun: The Sun is considered as the most functional factor. Planets that are closer to the sun are stronger as compared to the ones far away. The Sun also represents energy and authority due to which other planets that are closer to it are the most powerful planet in astrology.
  4.  Planets in the Strong Houses in the Birth Chart: Along with the planets in the angular house, the 5th and 11th houses are also considered as strong due to their placement near the Ascendant.
  5.  When a planet is in the Shastiamsa or has high Vimsopaka Bala then it is the strongest.
  6.  Benefic and Malefic Planets: Planets such as Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are the benefic planets while Sun, Mars, Saturn Rahu, and Ketu are the malefic planets. Based on their characteristics they have strong or weak effects on the lives of the individual.
  7.  Exaltation: When a planet is in the state of Exaltation then it is capable of completing its mission and hence is the strongest planet.
  8.  Based on the Direction: If the planet has a longitude between 05 degrees to 25 degrees, then it is considered as strong. If it’s young then its strength can be increased using different measures or remedies.
  9.  Venus is the planet of love and it keeps the relationship with your partner healthy, while the Moon brings success in life. Similarly, Mercury affects our ability to communicate and Jupiter symbolizes wisdom.

Conclusion: Which Is the Most Powerful Planet in Astrology?

Each planet has its significance. There are various indicators based on which their strength and dominance are decided. Based on their placements, they have good or bad effects and thus there are certain remedies to reduce their malefic effects. Naturally, when a planet is in conjunction with an aspect of natural benefit then it is considered strong.

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