What is the Role of Kundli Matching in Indian Marriages?

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Kundli matching is the first and foremost task before fixing a marriage in India. It shows how two people are compatible based on their birth charts. Kundli matching for marriage is the process that tells what stars are positively or negatively affecting the life of the bride and groom and how following the recommended remedies can fix it.

It is considered an important factor before moving ahead with the proposal. In Hindu traditions, kundli matching by name or time is a prerequisite for a happy and successful marriage which often leads to a blissful union.

What is Kundli Matching for Horoscope Matching?

In India, it is believed that the planets have a good or bad influence on keeping up with the marriage of individuals. So, when two people are about to get hitched, it is decided based on the 36 gunas whose total is the final compatibility score of the couple. According to astrology, when over 18 gunas align, it indicates compatibility for marriage and promises a joyous and harmonious life together for the couple. Every family wants to ensure that the match is perfect and will lead to maintaining peace in the family. That’s where free kundli matching online comes into the picture.

Kundli Matching by Time or the Date of Birth

To understand the influence of the heavenly bodies on the lives of the couple, Kundli matching is the best choice. Kundli matching without time, can have drastic effects in the future. In Kundli matching, the date of birth, or Janam Patris, of the bride and groom are matched to calculate their gunas and overall compatibility.

Kundli Matching by Name

Many Indian Astrologers use the Ashtakoot Chakra or the Avakhada Chakra or Kundli Milan. In Astrology, Kundli matching by name is a common practice where the “Janam Rashi” name is used to check the compatibility of the couple.

Importance of Guna Milan or Ashtakoot Milan

It is important that out of 36 at least 18 gunas are matched. Ashtakoot is a combination of two words where “Ashta” means “Eight” and “Koota” means “Aspects”. The eight Kootas are explained below:

Nadi (8 Points): It is related to health and reproduction. Couples of the same Nadi should never get married as this might affect the lives of their children mostly mentally or physically.

Bhakoot (7 Points): It refers to the love and the emotional compatibility between the couples. Bhakoot determines the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of a match.

Gana (6 Points): Gana refers to the qualities similar to the gods, humans, and demons. It helps to determine the behaviors of the couple towards each other.

Maitri (5 Point): A couple can lead a compatible relationship in the family life based on this. It shows natural affection between them.

Yoni (4 Points): Yoni refers to the sexual compatibility of the individuals which means the physical relationship between the individuals after the marriage.

Tara (3 Points): It is related to birth star compatibility and destiny. It further refers to the lifespan of individuals after marriage.

Vasya (2 points): It represents the dominating nature of the individual in the marriage or the controlling power. It determines who will hold more power after the marriage.

Also, these points make the 36 Gunas. Out of this, if 18 to 24 Gunas match, then it is deemed as a good marriage. Between 24-32 is the ideal match for marriage and above 36 is considered as the excellent match. Remember, it is always advised to get the Kundlis checked before moving on with the proposals as per the Astrology.


Every good relationship is based on mutual love, effort, and understanding. Kundli matching for marriage helps to determine the compatibility between the couples. Kundli helps to determine the doshas in a marriage, one of which is known as the Manglik dosh. To overcome such problems, and lead a happy life it is important to match Kundlis. Hence, our planets and heavenly bodies play a major role in marriage. Ignoring such aspects can have drastic effects on the lives of the individuals.

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