What Is Vastu Dosh: Know Its Symptoms & How to Remove Vastu Dosh?

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Vastu Shastra is a well-known term that defines the structural and architectural flaws in a building. Nowadays, people prefer to follow this principle more often to remove Vastu Dosh from their homes or spaces. The presence of this dosh creates financial problems as well as health issues and causes troubles in your personal and professional life.

If there is some Vastu Dosh in your home then it increases the effect of negative energy in the surroundings. So, to diminish it, Vastu Shastra should be kept in mind while constructing a building. According to Vastu, everything placed in the house or any building has a significant effect on the lives of the individuals. Therefore, people pay a lot of attention while building one so that they can avoid any problem in the future.

Symptoms of Vastu Dosh

  1. If an individual is unable to save money, then it is due to the effect of Vastu Dosh.
  2. There are always fights and arguments in the home and a lack of mental peace.
  3. Falling sick more often, lack of concentration and poor focus is a clear sign of this dosh.
  4. It increases financial debts and affects children as they lose their focus and are unable to gain success.
  5. If there is an increase in misunderstanding between the family members and money shortage then it is a clear sign of this dosh.

How to Remove Vastu Dosh

Vastu Dosh is dangerous as it creates a lack of money and good health. Therefore, to remove it there are some popular Vastu tips:

  1. Always throw away broken mirrors or any broken item as they bring bad luck. Also, make sure to remove any clock that doesn’t work.
  2. Always place a picture of a deity on the front wall to remove the negative energy. The front wall should never be empty as it creates financial problems.
  3. Always hang a wind chime with 6-8 rods at the entrance as it attracts peace and positive energy.
  4. As per the Vastu Shastra, sprinkling sea salt in the house also removes the evil energy away from the house. Use it as a floor cleaner to remove the negative energy too.
  5. To attract wealth and good luck, it is auspicious placing a horseshoe at the entrance.
  6. One of the best Vastu tips is to place camphor in different areas of your home. They should be replaced in a regular manner and they help to solve the financial problems.
  7. It is believed that the mirror should never be placed in front of your bed as it is not a good sign. Therefore, always place it in the opposite direction of the main door.
  8. According to the Vastu Shastra, it is beneficial to place an aquarium at home or any type of building as fishes help to improve the positive energy. Also, feeding them regularly fixes several problems. The aquarium should always be placed in the Dining room.
  9. To allow positive energy in the home, always light up your house, especially the main door.
  10. In Vastu, Furniture also plays a crucial role. Therefore, a circle or an octagon is the best shape to arrange the furniture.
  11. To make relationships stronger and improve the family bond, a family picture should be placed in the center of the living room.
  12. Always throw away the litter or any kind of waste material spread inside or outside of the house as it creates a Vastu dosh.
  13. To remove this dosh, always pray to God and keep the energy of the house or any building positive by chanting the mantras.
  14. There should be no windows behind your bed and they should be on the east or the north wall.
  15. Colours also play a huge role in the Vastu. Therefore, always choose light colours or the ones that calm the environment.


To maintain peace and harmony in the home it is important to follow the Vastu tips. These tips can remove the Vastu Dosh and help to protect each family member. Following these tips correctly solves money problems and reduces mental stress.

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