Pearl Stone Benefits: Know the Astrological Benefits of Wearing Moti

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Pearl stone is of utmost importance in Astrology. It relates to the characteristics of love, emotions, charm, care, peace, and artistic skills. People who are born with the zodiac sign cancer can enjoy pearl stone benefits as it is assigned to the planet Moon which on the other hand is the ruler of Cancer sign.

Pearl is one of the favourite stones worn by women of different cultures and religions for ages. Each zodiac sign has some special stone like emerald, ruby, etc to reduce the ill effects of the planet. Likewise, wearing a pearl can reduce anxiety of the individuals belonging to the zodiac sign Cancer. There are different colours of pearls amongst which the white pearls are considered as the symbol of purity, wisdom, wealth, and integrity. Along with the Cancer zodiac sign, pearls can also be worn by Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. According to the purity and the weight, there are different kinds of pearls available in the market.

Moti or Pearl Stone Benefits According to the Astrology 

Pearl stones have several personal or spiritual benefits as per astrology. Let’s know about these:

  1. People wearing pearls can experience positivity in their lives as it is associated with the planet Moon.
  2. It helps to reduce anxiety, stress and calms the mind.
  3. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that a strong moon is a sign of good luck and thus wearing pearls can bring good fortune.
  4. There are several pearl stone benefits amongst which health is the most crucial one. It helps in curing blood pressure and bladder disease.
  5. It reduces various skin problems and enhances the glow on a person’s face who wears it.
  6. It enhances the knowledge of a person and makes them wise to make tough decisions in their life.
  7. Wearing pearls can control the anger of a short-tempered person and also cure mental problems.
  8. It increases the concentration level of a person and makes their memory sharper. Such people excel in their academic life and various career opportunities.
  9. One more health benefit is that it purifies the blood circulation in the body and keeps the kidneys healthy.
  10. It improves the relationships in the family and makes the partnership between couples blissful.

Apart from all the above pearl stone benefits mentioned, it increases the confidence of a person wearing it and such individuals can be seen as more open while expressing their thoughts in public.

How to Wear the Pearl Stone or Moti?

Before wearing any stone, you should consult an astrologer. The best day to start wearing it is on Monday between 5 am to 7 am and it can be worn on the little finger of the right hand. It should be made of silver and before wearing one should always purify it with the mantras, holy water, and fresh milk. There are different types of pearls that can be recommended by astrologers. Amongst these, saltwater pearls are the most common ones. There are also South Sea Pearls and Basra Pearls. The weight of Pearl should be between 1200 and 1400 mg. Also, pearls should never be worn with diamonds, or emeralds as the person wearing it will not be able to gain benefits of its energy.

To Know More About The Benefits of Pearl Stone in Hindi, Watch This Video:

Pearls have several benefits. It has been worn by royal families and great astrologers for centuries. It is said that if the pearl doesn’t suit you then there will be minor side effects too such as migraine, and restlessness. But apart from this, it is considered to bring happiness and it brings harmony in the life of partners by increasing love and affection.

Wearing pearls can neutralize the negative effects and maintain the emotional balance of the person. Pearls are also known as the Queen Gem and are the most sophisticated type of jewellery. If you are looking for an astrologer to consult about wearing pearls and how to follow the remedies then contact Vedic Astro Kendra.

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