How to Make Planets Favourable by Doing Charity, Chanting and Community Services?

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It is believed that the position of the celestial bodies decides the futuristic events in an individual’s life. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have all the planets in favourable positions in your birth chart. Some malefic planets have drastic effects on the life of individuals. In order to overcome this problem, people often seek remedies and ask experts about how to make planets favourable. Each planet uniquely affects its natives and thus plays an important role in our lives.

Astrology has always attracted individuals towards it and it clearly specifies that the Universe has a strong connection with our existence. To restore peace and harmony in your life, it is important to follow the remedies for the malefic planets. Seven planets in Astrology – Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury, have an actual presence however the other two planets – Rahu and Ketu have no actual presence and are known as the shadow planets in Astrology.

How to Make Planets Favourable?

Let’s dive into the details to understand how to make planets favourable by doing charity, chanting and community services.

  1. Sun: To make it favourable, it is important to seek your parent’s blessings every day. Also, donating ruby-coloured clothes, wheat, Gold, Lotus flower, jaggery, gold, ruby, and sweets made of wheat and copper on Sundays is considered auspicious. Chanting the Surya mantra every day also strengthens the planet Sun.
  2. Moon: The moon is associated with our emotions and instincts. It is considered good to eat from your mother’s hand to strengthen the influence of the planet Moon. Donating Pearls, shells, silver, milk, rice, and curd on Monday evening helps to make the planet moon strong. Also, donating white clothes is considered good.
  3. Mars: Donating red-colored clothes, gold, red coral, red lentils, Ghee, Kasturi, Red flowers, Heeng and sweet bread on Tuesdays is considered good to make Mars strong. Eating jaggery and chanting Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays also makes Mars auspicious.
  4. Mercury: This planet is associated with communication and wisdom. Donating green-colored clothes, Honey, milk, rice, brass, alloy utensils, and things made of green colour are considered good. Also, feeding cows and green grams to birds is the right way to make it favourable.
  5. Jupiter: Jupiter is considered as the planet of luck. Wearing yellow colour clothes on Thursdays and donating yellow food items is auspicious. You can also donate saffron, Haldi, Yellow Topaz, and yellow sapphire to Brahmins to make this planet in your favour. Worshipping Lord Vishnu and seeking his blessings is a good way to please Jupiter.
  6. Venus: Venus is known as the planet of Love. Donating bright colour clothes and wearing diamonds is considered auspicious. Also, you can donate silk cloth, ghee, white horses and camphor on Friday to strengthen this planet. Taking care of your wife and the women of your home can help to please this planet.
  7. Saturn: Saturn is the planet of Karma and wearing black on Saturdays can please it. Donating Mustard, Black Clothes, Blue Sapphire, Iron, black sesame seed, leather shoes, iron items, and rice cooked with sesame is considered auspicious. Seeking blessings from elders and helping the needy can strengthen this planet.
  8. Rahu and Ketu: Offering prayers in the temple and keeping your surroundings clean can strengthen these planets. These are shadow planets, therefore, donating black colour items like black mustard seeds, iron weapons, grey coloured materials is good. Natives should always try to wear black colour clothes on Saturday. Feeding dogs is considered good to please these planets. Also, Wearing Hessonite and Lehsunia gemstones can please Rahu and Ketu.

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To fight the problems in your Kundli it is important to unfold the mystery of “how to make planets favourable”. By strengthening these planets, you can achieve positivity, peace and harmony in your life. Also, it is important to reduce their ill-effects by donating and helping needy people. Charitable work helps in pleasing these planets as well as God.

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