Do You Have Moksha Yoga in Kundli: Is It Your Last Birth?

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In Hindu culture, it is believed that moksha is the final destination of the soul and it connects both life and death. After achieving moksha, a person takes a re-birth and the journey continues. An individual’s birth chart indicates several yoga that indicate different situations in life. One such yoga is Moksha Yoga. It indicates a strong possibility that an individual will attain moksha either in this birth or in the upcoming birth.

When an individual takes birth, life’s journey begins from childhood. After this, they enjoy the materialistic life as an adult and then grow old. This cycle continues, but the person who gets out of this cycle attains Moksha. Moksha Yoga is very rare in a person’s life. People who earn it are considered lucky as they break the cycle of this lifetime and are on the path to liberation.

What is Moksha Yoga and its Significance?

In our horoscope, Moksha Yoga refers to yoga that shows the possibility of spiritual growth, liberation, and Moksha. The various placements and structures in the Kundli construct the Moksha Yoga in an individual’s life. If this yoga is formed in a person’s life, then they can save someone from sin and do good things in life. Such people are free from luxuries and materialistic life. It is a rare and enigmatic combination in a person’s Kundli.

  1. In our Kundli, three houses that are looked at in terms of life, death, and Moksha are the 4th, 8th, and 12th house. Out of these, the 12th house is known as the house of death. It is further associated with detachment and liberation. It is believed that if there is an influence of strong planets like Jupiter and Saturn in the 12th house then this can help an individual to attain Moksha.
  2. Jupiter is known for spirituality while Ketu is known for detachment and liberation. The conjunction of these planets can show an interest in Moksha.
  3. If there is a strong placement of the Moon in the Kundli then it can indicate a strong possibility of Moksha.
  4. In the horoscope, the 9th house represents wisdom and knowledge. On associating with the benefic planets, it represents a strong interest in Moksha and a desire for liberation.
  5. Ketu in the third house with Jupiter in the eighth house shows a good possibility of Moksha.
  6. The presence of a specific planetary position in a person’s horoscope, such as Jupiter in Pisces or Cancer, indicates the possibility for Moksha Yoga.
  7. The placement of Jupiter in the 1st, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 10th house in Cancer, with all other planets in weak positions shows a strong possibility of Moksha.

Effects of Moksha Yoga

This yoga makes a person happy and they become stronger with time. Also, they develop a positive mindset and help others to do the same. Moksha Yoga makes people spiritual and they always think about the happiness of other people. In today’s time, where people are running towards luxuries and getting a comfortable life, this yoga can prove to be a game-changer. It develops a strong connection with divine energy and the individual starts believing in the power of God. Also, the natives have extreme positivity and are kind towards others, inspiring them and earning respect within society.

To get rid of worldly desires, it is important to free your mind from luxuries and enhance the path of the spiritual journey to gain liberation. For this, it is important that an individual mind should be purified and their soul should be selfless.

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Moksha Yoga is a rare combination in a person’s life. It shows the ultimate goal of the soul – Salvation. This path is often challenging and will have certain obstacles but the power of Moksha is truly the biggest reward. By following this holy journey, a soul becomes detachable from its desires and is free to connect with the divine energy.

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