5 Marriage Problems That Astrology Can Solve

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Everyone says that marriages are made in heaven and we just meet them in real life. Well, everybody thinks of a blissful and peaceful married life. But there are situations where one stops understanding the value of each other and starts criticizing and there starts the marriage problems. Today the reason for an unsuccessful marriage is not our way of adopting the newer marriage system than the traditional ones but forgetting the value of this relationship and our partner. Well, there could be many reasons but there is one clear method of fixing problems in a marriage and that is Astrology. It is a one-stop solution for marital problems and unhappy married life.

With time, Astrology is not just about finding a good match or forecasting the future but it has also transformed into providing valid solutions for an unhappy marriage. In this blog, we will talk about the 5 marriage problems that can be fixed with the help of Astrology. For any astrology-related advice, contact Vedic Astro Kendra now!

5 Marriage Problems That Astrology Can Solve Are:

1) Financial Problems: Love is important but so is money. Money problems can be very disturbing for a married couple. So, astrologers suggest worshipping Lord Shani to fix the financial conditions. Also, it is advisable to place the locker in the North direction where there is an influence of Lord Kuber. Along with this, women should be treated as attracting positive energy in the house.

2) Compatibility Issues: There are instances where a very happy couple is now dealing with compatibility issues. Misunderstandings can arise anywhere but it is relevant to fix them at the right time. Astrologers can analyze the Kundlis and thus suggest valid solutions to solve the dispute in a marriage.

3) Intimacy Issues: Intimacy is one of the major issues nowadays. In the initial phase, everything seems to be lovable but with time there are intimacy issues between couples. To fix this, it is advisable to worship a Tulsi plant daily as it creates a good influence on married life. Also, Rudra Abhishek can bring back harmony in married life and remove negative and tense situations between couples.

4) In-Laws Problems: Indeed, marriage is not just between two people but between two families. However, too much interference of In-Laws can create unnecessary problems in a couple’s married life. According to experts, If the 4th, 9th, and 10th houses are weak in a person’s birth chart then there are chances of problems with in-laws. Here, Astrology can help to provide the right solutions.

5) Extra-Marital Affairs: Marriage is about trust and faithfulness. If there are situations of an extra-marital affair then, wearing a yellow sapphire can help and love can be energized between couples.

Final words

Marriage is a beautiful relationship therefore, it needs constant love, assurance, and support of each other. Astrology can suggest various remedies to fix different issues but there should be an effort from both sides.

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