Dhanteras 2023: Date, Shubh Muhurat, Significance, History & Auspicious Practices

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Dhanteras, also known as Dhanatrayodashi, marks the beginning of the grand festival of Diwali. It falls on the thirteenth day of the Krishna Paksha (waning phase) in the Hindu month of Kartik. This auspicious day holds immense significance for people across India and various parts of the world. Dhanteras is celebrated with fervor and devotion as it is believed to bring prosperity, wealth, and good fortune into our lives. In this article, we will explore the profound importance of Dhanteras, its historical roots, the captivating stories associated with its celebration, and most importantly, the auspicious timings for performing pujas and buying precious metals on Dhanteras 2023.

Significance of Dhanteras

Dhanteras derives its name from two words: “Dhan,” meaning wealth, and “Teras,” referring to the thirteenth day of the lunar fortnight. It is widely believed that on this day, the goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi, emerged from the churning of the cosmic ocean, along with Lord Dhanvantari, the divine healer. Hence, Dhanteras holds special importance for invoking prosperity and seeking blessings for a prosperous and healthy life.

People observe various customs and traditions on this day to usher in financial success and drive away any obstacles that may hinder their prosperity. The act of buying gold, silver, and other valuable items is considered highly auspicious, as it is believed to bring abundance and good fortune to the household.

Historical Roots of Dhanteras

The historical roots of Dhanteras can be traced back to ancient Indian scriptures and legends. One such story revolves around the great king Hima’s son, whose horoscope predicted his untimely demise on the fourth day of his marriage due to a snake bite. To save him, his wife lit numerous lamps, placed a heap of gold and silver coins, and sang melodious songs to keep him awake. When Yama, the god of death, disguised as a snake, arrived, he was dazzled by the brilliant light and the glittering wealth. He listened to the captivating songs throughout the night and left in the morning, sparing the prince’s life. This event is celebrated on Dhanteras, symbolizing the power of wealth, light, and devotion.

Stories Behind Celebrating Dhanteras

Apart from the legend of Hima’s son, there are other tales associated with Dhanteras that add depth to its significance. Another popular narrative revolves around Lord Kubera, the treasurer of wealth in the celestial abode. On Dhanteras, it is believed that offering prayers and performing rituals dedicated to Lord Kubera can bring immense financial gains and prosperity.

In another story, the churning of the ocean of milk (Samudra Manthan) yielded many divine gifts, including Goddess Lakshmi, who chose Lord Vishnu as her eternal consort. Dhanteras celebrates the return of Goddess Lakshmi to her abode, signifying the arrival of wealth and prosperity into our lives.

Date and Shubh Muhurat for Dhanteras 2023

In 2023, Dhanteras is set to be observed on the 10th of November. It is essential to perform the rituals and buy precious metals during the auspicious timings to maximize the benefits of this day. The Shubh Muhurat for Dhanteras puja is from 6:02 PM to 8:08 PM, and for buying gold and silver, it is advisable to choose a time between 6:02 PM and 10:06 PM. These timings are based on the prevailing planetary positions and are considered highly favorable for invoking wealth and prosperity.


Dhanteras is not merely a festival; it is a celebration of prosperity, light, and devotion. It reminds us of the significance of wealth in leading a comfortable and fulfilling life. By understanding the historical roots, legends, and auspicious practices associated with Dhanteras, we can imbibe the true essence of this auspicious day and invite boundless prosperity into our lives. This Dhanteras, may the light of wealth and wisdom illuminate your path towards a prosperous and harmonious future.

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